Rap Legalities

Yo yo yo, let’s talk ’bout some legalities
In Ireland, when was abortion legalized, what’s the history, what’s the timeline?
Found a dope paralegal, got a contract for paralegal services, now we’re rollin’ fine
A contract employee, what does that mean?
Definition and explanation, let’s keep the legal game clean

Had to sign a key custodian agreement,
Legal responsibilities and guidelines, don’t wanna get stuck in an argument
When did the legal drinking age become 18?
Back in the day, what was the scene, what was the scene?
Legal drinking age history, now that’s a legal dream

Legal Agreements

Understanding legal agreements, are we all in agreement?
Explained and sustained, no need for any resentment
How much cash can you carry on you legally?
Don’t wanna get caught, better find out here, legally

Prior written notice requirements, what’s the deal?
In legal matters, how does it feel?
Understanding prior written notice requirements, make sure you seal the deal
Need the Edward Jones legal department phone number?
For all your legal needs, they’ll put you asunder

Supreme Court and Advocates

Who are the top Supreme Court advocates, list of leading lawyers
When it comes to law, who stokes the fire?
Legalities wrapped up in a rap, that’s a wrap
When it comes to the law, no need for a nap