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Blue Peacock in Coloured Pencil


This piece was done in coloured Pencil on Fabriano artistic paper HP so I could display the range of blues and the details in the head feathers. It was a very enjoyable piece reference from Flickr by photographer Greg Miller


The Peacock is also known as peafowl. The most common Peacock is the Blue or Indian peacock.Here five facts about the Peacock. The male has a 90 – 130cm body and 150-cm (60inch) train of tail feathers that are coloured a brilliant metallic green.During the breeding season the male forms an harem of two to five hens each of which lays 4 to eight eggs They hatch after 28 days and they are capable of flight after approx a week after hatching.

  1. Peacocks are actually Male Peahens are female
  2. Peacocks are the national bird of India
  3. They stay in groups
  4. They have an impressive lifespan
  5. Their sounds can’t be fully experienced by humans



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