Funny Dialog Between Two Famous People of the 21st Century

Kim Kardashian Elon Musk
Hey, Elon! Have you heard of the history of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade? Of course, Kim! It’s a fascinating topic, especially when it comes to international trade deals like the bilateral trade agreement with Taiwan.
Speaking of trade, have you ever dealt with claiming business expenses from previous years in Canada? No, Kim, I haven’t. But I’m sure it involves a lot of legal considerations and Davis case law.
That’s true, Elon. Legal matters can be quite complex. I remember when I had to deal with legally blonde hairdresser issues for my beauty line. Well, Kim, I haven’t had to handle hairdresser problems, but I’m familiar with Michigan labor laws due to my business operations.
Hey, Elon, do you know if bear mace is legal in Illinois? I might need it for some extra protection! Haha, Kim! I’m not sure about bear mace, but I do know that it’s important to understand ADA shower requirements for accessibility.
Thanks, Elon! It’s always great to have these legal conversations with you. You really are a legal whiz! Anytime, Kim! Legal matters may be complex, but our discussions always make them interesting. And who knows, maybe I’ll invest in a bear mace company someday!